Image of the Myers children

On Wednesdays the writer’s collective: Writing With God, will be contributing stories that can be shared between children and parents, grandparents, guardians and caregivers. We have created a family who weekly share a dinner and the laughter and tears of their previous week and hope that this will be something that brings joy to your own family, whether small or large.


It’s mealtime at Grandpa and Grandma Myers, and no one is left out when they say, “HAVE I GOT A STORY!”  They’re all here, often noisy and sharing the best meal of the week. 


There’s the Queen of the Kitchen, Grandma Myers, a plump rosy-cheeked woman who always seems to have crumbs and splatters from meal preparation splashed over her clothes.  Grandma M has a whole library of cookbooks and she never cooks a bad meal.


Then there is Grandpa Myers.  He is a big man who loves the outdoors and his Ford F150 pickup truck.  He always greets the family with huge hugs at the door.  Maybe his hair is a little thin on top, but his large mustache makes up for it. His laugh is just as loud as it ever was. 


The kids’ proud parents are George and Deb.  Dad is an elementary school teacher who makes learning fun.  He always thinks that his students can figure out even the most complicated puzzles. Mom constantly keeps watch over her kids while at the same time works as a nurse in the hospital’s operating room.  She can manage even the crankiest surgeons at the hospital if it means keeping her patients well cared for.  


Nana Ahlseen is Deb’s mom who is invited every Sunday.  Her husband died a year ago, but nothing holds her back from finding wonder and adventure. Her favorite color is blue, especially when she creates her paintings. She always speaks with lots of love and wisdom.


The oldest of the kids is 14-year-old Wes.  He has dark eyes, long thick curly hair and olive skin.  Wes was adopted from the country of Peru while he was a baby. He is a world traveler.


Next, we have 10-year-old Jake.  He originally came into the family as a foster child and then was adopted.  Jake is smart as a whip with anything mechanical and his glasses are always slipping down his nose.  He is Grandpa Myer’s fishing buddy.  Jake’s arms, hands and feet seem a little big for him and he has one major cowlick in the back of his head. 


The youngest child is 8-year-old Kimmy. She is a freckled faced redhead with pigtails and big green eyes. Kimmy loves to laugh.  Mischief could be her middle name.

We invite you, the reader, to sit back and enjoy not just one story, but all the stories around the Myers family table. Just hop over to our blog page to hear the latest tale.