Image saying "Choose Joy"

Have you ever felt “stuck” in life?  That’s how I felt over ten years ago.  We were going through a time of tumultuous change: loss of employment, loss of health, loss of identity, loss of housing….you name it, we were losing it. How could I navigate to hope?

I found that after I had pretty much processed the losses, I had no idea how to proceed forward in life.  I tried counseling, but discovered my counselors mainly wanted to dwell on prior events.  What I really needed was someone to help me navigate to hope, to truly discover the future that God had planned for me and to open windows in my soul for joy.

I pretty much knew the qualities of the type of person I needed during that season but didn’t know what that type of professional would even be named. I eventually grew, changed, and adjusted to my season of life, but I knew God was reaching out to me for a different career path, to become someone to walk alongside women going through difficult seasons. I ended learning the skills to become a Christian Life Coach and communicator.

Often we need help navigating seasons of life. It is possible to achieve a much better “new normal” which is not only honoring to God, but it is God’s best. Hope can be found. It is possible to find joy even in the darkness. Please contact me if that is a conversation your would like to explore.