Kimmy hung her head and softly said, “He called me ‘Dumbo’ cause my ears stick out so far.”

It was Kimmy’s favorite dessert for Sunday dinner. Grandma Myers made it special, just for her. But Kimmy didn’t touch it.  Mom asked, “Kimmy, something wrong with the pie? I thought banana cream was your favorite.”

“Mom, I’m not hungry.”

“Kimmy, you aren’t still upset by what bigmouth Sam said to you on the bus, are you?”  Jake declared, “He’s just stupid!”

Tears began dripping down Kimmy’s cheeks.

“What did Sam say?” Dad asked.


Kimmy hung her head and softly said, “He called me ‘Dumbo’ cause my ears stick out so far.”


With tears in her eyes, Mom turned and said, “Kimmy, let me tell you what happened to me.  I was in 6th grade and went to school on a bus, just like you. The problem was that my ears stuck out bigtime! My hair was long and my ears stuck out so much that my hair parted around them.  It didn’t look good.  When I got on the bus there were shouts of, ‘Elephant ears!’ which of course led to being called Dumbo, just like Sam called you, Kimmy.  The nastiest boy had started it and soon got the whole bus involved.  

I came home crying and told my mom what happened. So, my mother, your grandmother who died long before you were born, decided to take me to a doctor and get my ears fixed.  Pretty easy operation, but my hair was gross because I couldn’t wash it for 2 weeks.”

“Ewww! That’s yucky!” said Kimmy. “I didn’t know your ears stuck out too! I just want to punch Sam the next time I see him.”


“Oh, honey,” said Mom, “the best way to handle bullies is to ignore them. They just want you to get upset like the boy who yelled things at me. You know Ephesians 4:32 says, ‘Be useful and helpful and kind to one another, tenderhearted (understanding and loving-hearted), forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.’ You might not change the way Sam treats you, but you sure could surprise him by deciding to be kind to him rather than punching him.”


Nana Ahlseen said, “Why don’t we pray for Kimmy? Dear Lord, please help us when people say awful things. Help us to be kind, when they are not. Lord, we ask You to protect Kimmy and we thank You that You created her beautifully, just as she is. And last of all, we ask You to speak to Sam’s heart and let him know that being a bully is an awful way to live.”

Kimmy said, “I think I have room for two pieces of pie today.”

And all the family said, “Double Amen!”


  • What makes a bully a bully?
  • Name a couple of good ways to handle a bully?
  • What does the Book of Ephesians teach us on how to handle unlovable people?
  • What did Nana include in her prayer for Kimmy?


Pray for someone who has been a bully in your life