In the wake of COVID19, I have heard this question from many people in a variety of ways. Just today my husband read a news article about the 100,000+ crew members of cruise ships who are presently marooned on their vessels. The tourists have been all allowed at one point or another to disembark, but the crew members have not been permitted off their ships. I noticed that as we discussed this alarming story that our focus was on the 100,000 but not on the thousands and thousands of passengers that were already allowed off. I think that this focus might be viewed by more than just Bill and myself. We center our attention on who doesn’t get off the boat rather than who gets off and goes home.

On the news daily we hear about the numbers of people who are seriously coming down with COVID19 and the death toll. However, the news anchors are not talking about all the people who have not come down with the disease. By the way, this is not an argument in one way or another regarding the pandemic or how it is being reported, but it is to make a point that this is often how we view local events, world events, and even how and what we think of God. We view life from such a narrow lens and very often expect God to fit that lens.

If you have found yourself falling down the rabbit hole, so to speak, then I strongly suggest that you read https://www.epm.org/blog/2012/Dec/19/restrain-evil-part-1 by Randy Alcorn. In the essay is also a link to part-2. It might greatly help not only your own perspective of God during these times but to also help you with the conversations God brings along your path. You just might discover a new way of leaning during these historic times.

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