So what do you do when God puts in motion the unexpected?

That illness (in our case, illnesses) you were unprepared for, that long anticipated vacation that you had to cancel due to the illnesses, the isolation of being stuck in an apartment, all those people opportunities you had to put on hold, and the worst – the heartbreak of having to cancel a visit with your son who you hardly ever get to see.

In my finite vision, life is unfair. The evil prosper and the good do not. But wait, wait – backup from there. If I reflect on that assumption, I’m putting boundaries on God’s goodness. I’m assuming because I cannot see good, that it does not exist. That is presumptuous and a terribly cocky attitude on my part. It’s like saying, “I cannot see that the world is round and therefore it must be flat because that’s all I can see.” Hmm…I see an arrogance in my attitude, that I think I know more than God.

So during this time of quiet; during this time of isolation; I say, “Lord help me in my unbelief, because You indeed are Greater than everything I can imagine.” The waters are extremely rough. I just need to get my hands off the steering wheel and let God do what He in His love is going to do.

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