Everyone in their lives has certain things that set them off.  For me, it is customer service.  I have discovered that I can be rather childish in my desire to “be right”, I can be rude, and I can forget that the person on the other end of the line is also an individual with their own life story (even when they are reading scripted answers over the phone that do not help the problem).  At the beginning of this past week I miserably failed when talking to an insurance agent.  He was not adept at all at customer service to help resolve an issue with a policy, and I failed to remember that he is also an individual who needs kindness.  I would give myself an “F” for that conversation. 

So I thought that all through, asked forgiveness and prayed about it, and then God ran me through the course again with a four hour encounter yesterday with Comcast (my customer service nemesis!!!).  They had sent me new equipment and the router would not hook up. 

The good thing is that I actually learned from my Monday morning disaster.  During the afternoon, the first conversation with Comcast went well.  The second was much more challenging.  The third one went well.  Did the situation with the router get happily resolved?  No!!!!  However, I didn’t lose any brain cells over the matter and I didn’t share with them meanness of heart (which is a true victory for me in a situation like that). 

I BREATHED!!!  I let God enter the encounter.  Good verse to ponder:  It is a person’s honor to avoid strife, but every fool is quick to quarrel. (Provers 20:3).  So in these days of trigger finger tempers, are you behaving honorably?  Am I?  Only by letting God control the situation and being quick to obey Him (rather than myself) can I find victory.  Amen!!

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