When I was graduating from Bible college, I remember setting up an appointment with the school’s Placement Office, hoping to get some insights regarding my career options.  What I received from that session was a big fat zero; na-da.  They assumed that their plans were my plans, all fitting neatly into the box of being a pastor’s wife and a mother.  There was definitely no coloring outside the lines.  I found myself totally bummed and stopped dreaming after that encounter.  How little did they know! 

Sadly, in the aftermath, I thought that their assumptions were all the God had planned for my life.  However, all the time in the back of my mind was niggling the word “MORE”.  I felt something was wrong and that there was a hidden beautiful garden which contained what God had gifted me for, of what God had planned for me.  What I needed was someone to come alongside of me and to dream with me.  I didn’t need a counselor; I needed a life coach. 

And that is the point of this blog, to explain what life coaching is about.  For me personally, as a life coach, this is the career lane I should have landed in years ago.  With each client I receive the delightful gift of being able to walk alongside women who are going through a life transition and to help them dream of where they could be and to discover ways to get there.  My clients usually have the keys within them, but they have not been able to voice those possibilities.  Alongside clients, I ask meaningful questions about where they are, where they want to go, and how can they plan to get there.  Coaching is a safe place for clients.  I don’t force my way into clients’ lives, I just ask for permission to walk alongside. 

On the other side of coaching can be found fulfillment, joy, and the discovery that yes, indeed, God has great plans for you.  The question is, are you willing to let me dream alongside of you and put flesh to those dreams?  Does God have MORE for you?

Delight in helping women to discover wholeness in their "New Normal".