Many moons ago, I was in the high school play and we were having our cast party on a very snowy night.  The location for the festivities was a farmhouse located way back a long lane that was barely passable with the snow.  I drove the family station wagon.  A bruiser of a brown Chevy with wooden panels on the sides.  I was okay driving to the party, but on the way home I got stuck right after exiting the farm’s driveway.  I gassed it, backed up, gassed it, backed up, but nothing got me out of the ditch I had slid into.  Finally, I had to swallow my pride, trek back to the farmhouse and call my dad.  Quite awhile later, my dad showed up with the tractor, hooked a chain to the car and pulled the Chevy out of the ditch.  I was humiliated that not only had I gotten stuck, but I couldn’t get unstuck without help.

Most of my clients feel the same way.  Hey, I have felt that way many times in my adult life: Stuck!!  Alone, out in the cold.  Not knowing who to ask for help or even how to phrase the important questions.  Before I graduated from college I went to the guidance department, wanting some help in figuring out a career path.  The department already knew I was married to a pastoral major and just assumed that I would go the regular prescribed path of being a preacher’s wife.  In that interview they never asked me any of my dreams, my hopes, my giftings.  In consequence, I trudged along in the prescribed manner for years, not realizing that each of us is individually gifted and that just because there is an opening to serve in a church, that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s where God wanted me.  Hence, for years I ended up kind of “Jac of All Trades, but Master of None”.  Correction, I usually did the duties correctly but was that my heart’s desire?  Furthermore, was that God’s desire for me?  Life is not like “Let’s Make A Deal” – you sell your soul and cross your fingers that the door you randomly chose will be a good one.  God’s plan is way better than that and a bunch more interesting.  In God’s plan, you give Your life to Him and then He firmly holds your hand to an adventure that is geared to how He created you.  You are unlike anyone else.  You are a unique creation. No matter what that earlier mentioned guidance department thought, I have discovered that I am someone who was designed and built to color outside of the lines and God is quite happy with that.

This is how I view my clients:  unique wonderful women who are delightful creations and who need to be thoroughly listened to, respected, and partnered with in finding their way out of that ditch they have found themselves floundering in.  Usually these women either know that God has to have something better for them that is yet to be discovered or sadly, they have looked at the world as a lonely place, where God has His special eye on everyone else, but they have gotten lost in God’s shuffle.  News flash:  you have not been forgotten, no matter what your emotions or other people tell you.  You just need some help getting out of that ditch.  As a Christian Life Coach (which is actually how God has best gifted me personally), I help women get out of that ditch and to move forward.  May I partner in your adventure?

Delight in helping women to discover wholeness in their "New Normal".